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VirtuemartViewProduct Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 display ($tpl=null)
 renderMail ()
 renderDiscountList ($selected, $name='product_discount_id')
 displayLinkToParent ($product_parent_id)
 ajaxCategoryDropDown ($id)
 __construct ()
 display ($tpl=null)
 setRelatedHtml ($product_id, $query, $fieldType)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VmViewAdmin
 __construct ($config=array())
 display ($tpl=null)
 addStandardDefaultViewCommands ($showNew=true, $showDelete=true, $showHelp=true)
 addJsJoomlaSubmitButton ($validate=false)
 addStandardDefaultViewLists ($model, $default_order=0, $default_dir= 'DESC', $name= 'search')
 getValidFilterOrder ($app, $model, $view, $default_order)
 displayDefaultViewSearch ($searchLabel='COM_VIRTUEMART_NAME', $name='search')
 addStandardEditViewCommands ($id=0, $object=null)
 SetViewTitle ($name='', $msg='', $icon='')
 sort ($orderby, $name=null, $task=null)
 addStandardHiddenToForm ($controller=null, $task='')
 toggle ($field, $i, $toggle, $imgY= 'tick.png', $imgX= 'publish_x.png', $untoggleable=false)
 gridPublished ($name, $i)
 showhelp ()
 showACLPref ()
 showVendors ()
 manager ($view=0)
 setOrigLang ($model)

Static Public Member Functions

static displayLinkToChildList ($product_id, $product_name)

Public Attributes

 $json = array()
- Public Attributes inherited from VmViewAdmin
 $lists = array()
 $showVendors = null
 $writeJs = true

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from VmViewAdmin

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VirtuemartViewProduct::__construct ( )

Member Function Documentation

VirtuemartViewProduct::ajaxCategoryDropDown (   $id)
VirtuemartViewProduct::display (   $tpl = null)
VirtuemartViewProduct::display (   $tpl = null)
static VirtuemartViewProduct::displayLinkToChildList (   $product_id,
VirtuemartViewProduct::displayLinkToParent (   $product_parent_id)
VirtuemartViewProduct::renderDiscountList (   $selected,
  $name = 'product_discount_id' 

Renders the list for the discount rules

Max Milbers
VirtuemartViewProduct::renderMail ( )

This is wrong

VirtuemartViewProduct::setRelatedHtml (   $product_id,

Member Data Documentation

VirtuemartViewProduct::$json = array()

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