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VmImage Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 processAction ($data)
 displayMediaFull ($imageArgs='', $lightbox=true, $effect="class='modal'", $description=true)
 createThumbFileUrl ($width=0, $height=0)
 createThumbName ($width=0, $height=0)
 determineWH ($width, $height)
 createThumb ($width=0, $height=0)
 checkPathCreateFolders ($path)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VmMediaHandler
 __construct ($id=0)
 getMediaUrlByView ($type)
 setFileInfo ($type=0)
 getUrl ()
 getThumbUrl ()
 getFullPath ()
 getThumbPath ()
 determineFoldersToTest ()
 addFoldersToTest ($folders)
 displayFoldersWriteAble ()
 displaySupportedImageTypes ()
 filterImageArgs ($imageArgs)
 displayMediaFull ()
 displayMediaThumb ($imageArgs='', $lightbox=true, $effect="class='modal' rel='group'", $return=true, $withDescr=false, $absUrl=false, $width=0, $height=0)
 getFileUrlThumb ($width=0, $height=0)
 getIcon ($imageArgs, $lightbox, $return=false, $withDescr=false, $absUrl=false)
 displayIt ($file_url, $file_alt, $imageArgs, $lightbox, $effect="class='modal'", $withDesc=false, $absUrl=false)
 uploadFile ($urlfolder, $overwrite=false)
 deleteFile ($url, $absPathGiv=0)
 deleteThumbs ()
 processAction ($data)
 processAttributes ($data)
 addMediaAction ($optionName, $langkey)
 addMediaActionByType ()
 addMediaAttributes ($optionName, $langkey='')
 addMediaAttributesByType ()
 addHidden ($name, $value='')
 displayFilesHandler ($fileIds, $type, $vendorId=0)
 displayFileSelection ($fileIds, $type=0)
 displayImage ($image, $key)
 displayFileHandler ($vendorId=0)

Static Public Member Functions

static displayImageButton ($link, $imageclass, $text, $mainclass= 'vmicon48', $extra="")
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VmMediaHandler
static getStoriesFb ($suffix= '')
static createMedia ($table, $type='', $file_mimetype='')
static prepareStoreMedia ($table, $data, $type)
static displayImages ($types='', $page=0, $max=16)
static getImagesList ($type= '', $limit=0, $max=16)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from VmMediaHandler
 $media_attributes = 0
 $setRole = false
 $file_name = ''
 $file_extension = ''
 $virtuemart_media_id = ''

Member Function Documentation

VmImage::checkPathCreateFolders (   $path)
VmImage::createThumb (   $width = 0,
  $height = 0 

This function actually creates the thumb and when it is instanciated with one of the getImage function automatically updates the db

Max Milbers
boolean$saveExecute update function
name of the thumbnail
VmImage::createThumbFileUrl (   $width = 0,
  $height = 0 
VmImage::createThumbName (   $width = 0,
  $height = 0 

a small function that ensures that we always build the thumbnail name with the same method

VmImage::determineWH (   $width,
static VmImage::displayImageButton (   $link,
  $mainclass = 'vmicon48',
  $extra = "" 

Display an image icon for the given image and create a link to the given link.

string$linkLink to use in the href tag
string$imageName of the image file to display
string$textText to use for the image alt text and to display under the image.
VmImage::displayMediaFull (   $imageArgs = '',
  $lightbox = true,
  $effect = "class='modal'",
  $description = true 
VmImage::processAction (   $data)

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