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VirtueMartModelCoupon Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 __construct ()
 getCoupon ($id=0)
 store (&$data)
 getCoupons ($filterCoupon=false)
 remove ($ids)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VmModel
 __construct ($cidName='cid', $config=array())
 setDebugSql ($b)
 getName ()
 setState ($property, $value=null)
 getState ($property=null, $default=null)
 getTable ($name= '', $prefix= 'Table', $options=array())
 setIdName ($idName)
 getIdName ()
 getId ()
 setId ($id)
 setMainTable ($maintablename, $maintable=0)
 getDefaultOrdering ()
 addvalidOrderingFieldName ($add)
 removevalidOrderingFieldName ($name)
 setDefaultValidOrderingFields ($defaultTable=null)
 _getOrdering ($preTable='')
 checkFilterOrder ($toCheck, $view=0, $task= '')
 checkValidOrderingFieldName ($toCheck)
 checkFilterDir ($toCheck, $view=0, $task= '')
 getPagination ($perRow=5)
 setPaginationLimits ()
 getTotal ()
 setGetCount ($withCount)
 exeSortSearchListQuery ($object, $select, $joinedTables, $whereString= '', $groupBy= '', $orderBy= '', $filter_order_Dir= '', $nbrReturnProducts=false)
 emptyCache ()
 getData ($id=0)
 store (&$data)
 remove ($ids)
 setToggleName ($togglesName)
 toggle ($field, $val=NULL, $cidname=0, $tablename=0, $view=false)
 move ($direction, $filter=null)
 saveorder ($cid=array(), $order, $filter=null)
 addImages ($obj, $limit=0)
 resetErrors ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from vObject
 __toString ()
 get ($prop, $def=null)
 set ($prop, $value=null)
 setProperties ($props)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VmModel
static addTablePath ($path)
static addIncludePath ($path= '', $prefix= '')
static getInstance ($type, $prefix= '', $config=array())
static getModel ($name=false)
static joinLangTables ($tablename, $prefix, $on, $method=0)
static joinLangSelectFields ($langFields, $as=true)
static joinLangLikeFields ($langFields, $keyword)
static joinLangLikeField ($searchField, $keyword)
- Public Attributes inherited from VmModel
 $_id = 0
 $_data = null
 $_query = null
 $_total = null
 $_pagination = 0
 $_limit = 0
 $_limitStart = 0
 $_maintable = ''
 $_maintablename = ''
 $_idName = ''
 $_cidName = 'cid'
 $_togglesName = null
 $_selectedOrderingDir = 'DESC'
 $_noLimit = false
 $_tablePreFix = ''
 $_validOrderingFieldName = array()
 $_validFilterDir = array('ASC','DESC')
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VmModel
 populateState ()
 _createTable ($name, $prefix= 'Table', $config=array())
 _getList ($query, $limitstart=0, $limit=0)
 _getListCount ($query)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from VmModel
static _createFileName ($type, $parts=array())
- Protected Attributes inherited from VmModel
 $__state_set = null
 $option = null
 $event_clean_cache = null
 $_maxItems = 1000

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VirtueMartModelCoupon::__construct ( )

constructs a VmModel setMainTable defines the maintable of the model

Member Function Documentation

VirtueMartModelCoupon::getCoupon (   $id = 0)

Retrieve the detail record for the current $id if the data has not already been loaded.

VirtueMartModelCoupon::getCoupons (   $filterCoupon = false)

Retireve a list of coupons from the database.

object List of coupon objects
VirtueMartModelCoupon::remove (   $ids)
VirtueMartModelCoupon::store ( $data)

Bind the post data to the coupon table and save it

mixed False if the save was unsuccessful, the coupon ID otherwise.

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