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plgVmUserfieldEway Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 _construct (&$subject, $config)
 plgVmDeclarePluginParamsUserfield ($type, $name, $id, &$data)
 plgVmOnStoreInstallPluginTable ($type, $data)
 plgVmOnUserfieldDisplay ($_prefix, $field, $userId, &$return)
 onShowUserDisplayUserfield ($userId, $fieldName)
 deleteCard ($userId, $cardToDelete)
 updateCard ($userId, $cardToUpdate)
 plgVmOnSelfCallFE ($type, $name, &$render)
- Public Member Functions inherited from vmUserfieldPlugin
 __construct (&$subject, $config)
 AddUserfieldParameter ($params)
 addUserfieldParameterByPlgName ($plgName)
- Public Member Functions inherited from vmPlugin
 __construct (&$subject, $config)
 setConvertDecimal ($toConvert)
 convertDec (&$data)
 loadJLangThis ($fname, $type=0, $name=0)
 setPluginLoggable ($set=TRUE)
 setCryptedFields ($fieldNames)
 getOwnUrl ()
 display3rdInfo ($intro, $developer, $contactlink, $manlink)
 selectedThisByMethodId ($id= 'type')
 onStoreInstallPluginTable ($psType, $name=FALSE)
 getTableSQLLoggablefields ()
 getTableSQLFields ()
 setConfigParameterable ($paramsFieldName, $varsToPushParam)
 renderByLayout ($layout= 'default', $viewData=NULL, $name=NULL, $psType=NULL)
 getTemplatePath ($pluginName, $group, $layout= 'default')

Public Attributes

 $varsToPush = array()
const EWAY_FOLDERNAME = "eway_"

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from vmPlugin
static loadJLang ($fname, $type, $name)
static getVarsToPushFromForm ($form)
static getVarsToPushByXML ($xmlFile, $name)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vmPlugin
 selectedThis ($psType, $name=0, $jid=null)
 selectedThisByJPluginId ($jplugin_id= 'type')
 getJoomlaPluginId ()
 createTableSQL ($tableComment, $tablesFields=0)
 getTablePluginParams ($psType, $name, $id, &$xParams, &$varsToPush)
 setOnTablePluginParams ($name, $id, &$table)
 declarePluginParams ($psType, &$data, $blind=0, $blind2=0)
 getVmPluginMethod ($int, $cache=true)
 storePluginInternalData (&$values, $primaryKey=0, $id=0, $preload=FALSE)
 getPluginInternalData ($id, $primaryKey=0)
 createPluginTableObject ($tableName, $tableFields, $primaryKey, $tableId, $loggable=FALSE)
 removePluginInternalData ($id, $primaryKey=0)
- Protected Attributes inherited from vmPlugin
 $_psType = 0
 $_jid = 0
 $_vmpItable = 0
 $_tablename = 0
 $_tableId = 'id'
 $_tablepkey = 0
 $_vmpCtable = 0
 $_configTable = 0
 $_configTableFileName = 0
 $_configTableClassName = 0
 $_xParams = 0
 $_varsToPushParam = array()
 $_idName = 0
 $_configTableFieldName = 0
 $_debug = FALSE
 $_loggable = FALSE
 $_cryptedFields = false
 $_toConvertDec = false

Member Function Documentation

plgVmUserfieldEway::_construct ( $subject,
plgVmUserfieldEway::deleteCard (   $userId,
plgVmUserfieldEway::onShowUserDisplayUserfield (   $userId,
plgVmUserfieldEway::plgVmDeclarePluginParamsUserfield (   $type,
plgVmUserfieldEway::plgVmOnSelfCallFE (   $type,
plgVmUserfieldEway::plgVmOnStoreInstallPluginTable (   $type,

Create the table for this plugin if it does not yet exist. This functions checks if the called plugin is active one. When yes it is calling the standard method to create the tables

Valérie Isaksen
plgVmUserfieldEway::plgVmOnUserfieldDisplay (   $_prefix,

This method is fired when showing the order details in the frontend. It displays the shipment-specific data.

integer$order_numberThe order Number
mixed Null for shipments that aren't active, text (HTML) otherwise
Valérie Isaksen
plgVmUserfieldEway::updateCard (   $userId,

Member Data Documentation

plgVmUserfieldEway::$varsToPush = array()
const plgVmUserfieldEway::EWAY_FOLDERNAME = "eway_"

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