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VmTableData Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 store ($updateNulls=false)
- Public Member Functions inherited from VmTable
 __construct ($table, $key, &$db)
 getProperties ($public=true)
 getKeyName ($multiple=false)
 getDbo ()
 getError ()
 getErrors ()
 setPrimaryKey ($key, $keyForm=0)
 getPKey ()
 setObligatoryKeys ($key)
 setUniqueName ($name)
 setLoggable ()
 setTranslatable ($langFields)
 setLanguage ($tag)
 getTranslatableFields ()
 setLockable ()
 setOrderable ($key= 'ordering', $auto=true)
 setHashable ($key)
 setOmittedHashFields (array $fields)
 setSlug ($slugAutoName, $key= 'slug')
 setTableShortCut ($prefix)
 setRules ($input)
 getRules ()
 emptyCache ()
 setParameterable ($paramsFieldName, $varsToPushParam, $overwrite=false)
 bind ($src, $ignore=array())
 setCryptedFields ($fieldNames)
 getCryptedFields ()
 showFullColumns ($typeKey=0, $typeValue=0, $properties=true)
 loadFields ()
 loadFieldValues ($array=true)
 checkDataContainsTableFields ($from, $ignore=array())
 save ($src, $orderingFilter= '', $ignore= '')
 setLoggableFieldsForStore ()
 load ($oid=null, $overWriteLoadName=0, $andWhere=0, $tableJoins=array(), $joinKey=0)
 getLoaded ()
 encryptFields ()
 decryptFields ()
 store ($updateNulls=false)
 storeParams ()
 checkCreateUnique ($tbl_name, $name)
 setCheckVendorId ()
 hashEntry ($set=true)
 integrity ()
 check ()
 bindChecknStore (&$data, $preload=false, $langOnly=false)
 bindChecknStoreNoLang (&$data, $preload=false)
 fixOrdering ($where= '')
 move ($dirn, $where= '', $orderingkey=0)
 getNextOrder ($where= '', $orderingkey=0)
 reorder ($where= '', $orderingkey=0)
 checkout ($who, $oid=null)
 checkin ($oid=null)
 toggle ($field, $val=NULL)
 resetErrors ()
 delete ($oid=null, $where=0)
 isMysql51Plus ()
 getMysqlVersion ()
 checkAndDelete ($table, $whereField=0, $andWhere= '')
 _modifyColumn ($_act, $_col, $_type= '', $_col2= '')
 reset ()
 attachObserver (JObserverInterface $observer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from vObject
 __toString ()
 get ($prop, $def=null)
 set ($prop, $value=null)
 setProperties ($props)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VmTable
static getInstance ($type, $prefix= 'VmTable', $config=array())
static addIncludePath ($path=null)
static bindParameterableToSubField (&$obj, $varsToPush, $field='params')
static bindParameterable (&$obj, $xParams, $varsToPushParam)
static checkTableExists ($table)
static bindTo (&$obj, $src, $internals=false, $ignore=array())
 isCheckedOut ($with=0, $against=null)
- Public Attributes inherited from VmTable
 $_xParams = 0
 $_varsToPushParam = array()
 $_translatable = false
 $_cryptedFields = false
 $_ltmp = false
 $_loadedWithLangFallback = 0
 $_loaded = false
 $_tablePreFix = ''
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VmTable
 _lock ()
 _unlock ()
 _getAssetName ()
 _getAssetTitle ()
 _getAssetParentId ($table=null, $id=null)
- Protected Attributes inherited from VmTable
 $_tbl = ''
 $_tbl_lang = null
 $_tbl_key =''
 $_tbl_keys = ''
 $_pkey = ''
 $_pkeyForm = ''
 $_obkeys = array()
 $_unique = false
 $_unique_name = array()
 $_orderingKey = 'ordering'
 $_slugAutoName = ''
 $_slugName = ''
 $_db = false
 $_trackAssets = false
 $_locked = false
 $_loggable = false
 $_translatableFields = array()
 $_hashName = ''
 $_omittedHashFields = array()
 $_langTag = null
 $_updateNulls = false
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from VmTable
static $_cache = array()

Member Function Documentation

VmTableData::store (   $updateNulls = false)

Records in this table do not need to exist, so we might need to create a record even if the primary key is set. Therefore we need to overload the store() function.

Max Milbers
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